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Free Shipping on all stock items! Contact Us for Custom Quotes and Bulk Pricing

8" x 3" x 20" x 1.5 mil 8 Lb. Clear Eco-Manufactured Plastic Ice Bags (Case of 1,000)

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Detailed Specifications

Type: Bags

Additional Features:

Uses: Ice Bags

Capacity: 8 Pounds of Ice

Dimensions: 8" W x 3" D x 20" L x 1.5 mil

Color: Clear

FDA-Approved: Yes

Quantity: 1,000 Bags

Packaging: Flat-Packed in Plain Packaging

Eco-Friendly Characteristics

Degradability: n/a

Material: Virgin Low Density Polyethylene with Metallocene Additive

Virgin Plastic Substitute: n/a (100% New Plastic)

Recyclable: LDPE #4

Made in USA: Yes

Other: Factories powered by renewable energy

Ice bags are used in many industries, including convenience stores, catering companies, amusement parks, fish markets, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and motels. Ice bags are also used for bulk ice sales at stadiums, sports arenas, and bars. They can hold ice from a hotel's ice machine or transport it to a catered event. Commercial ice bags are strong and pliable and won't tear or rip. They are puncture-resistant and can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ours are eco-friendly because they are eco-manufactured, recyclable, and Made in the USA, which reduces the impact overseas shipping has on the environment. They are made with a proprietary formulation that uses less plastic to achieve the same strength as traditional low-density polyethylene. They are also manufactured using renewable energy.