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Which Type of Eco-Friendly Plastic is Best Suited for Your Needs?

That depends on a number of factors.

Do you want to minimize the amount of new petroleum-based polyethylene needed?
Our bioplastic contains the least and is comprised of only 50% virgin poly while our recycled is 60 to 75%, compostable is 70%, and both biodegradable and eco-manufactured are 99 to 100%.

Do you want your bags to be made from sustainable and renewable resources?
Our bioplastic is made of 50% bio-based material and our compostable is 30%

Do you want your bags to be degradable?
Our biodegradable* bags are made to break down in landfills while our compostable bags break down in both commercial composting facilities as per ASTM 6400 and home composting systems.

Do you want your bags to be recyclable?
Except for compostable, all of our eco-friendly options are recyclable.

How many bags do you need?
If you have low quantity requirements, our eco-manufactured product line may best suit your needs.

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