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16.9" x 17.7" x 0.64 mil 3 Gallon Green Home-Compostable Plastic Food Scrap Collection Bags (576 Bags, 48 Bags/Box, 12 Boxes/Case)

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SKU: FSC-CC-BB-187132


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Detailed Specifications

Type: Bags

Additional Features:

Uses: Food Scrap Bags

Capacity: 3 Gallon Can

Dimensions: 16.9" W x 17.7" L x 0.64 mil

Color: Green

FDA-Approved: n/a

Quantity: 576 Bags (48 Bags/Box, 12 Boxes/Case)

Packaging: Loosely Rolled Up Bundle in Retail Packaging

Eco-Friendly Characteristics

Degradability: Safe for Home Composting Systems and Certified to Degrade in Commercial Composting Facilities

Material: 40-50% Plant Based and Virgin Low Density Polyethylene

Virgin Plastic Substitute: 40-50% Plant-Based Material

Recyclable: No

Made in USA: Yes

Other: n/a

Food scrap collection bags are used to collect food waste and help with composting. They can help absorb moisture and create aerobic conditions that help control odors during composting. They can be used to line kitchen caddies to make it easy to get smelly food into outside bins. Food scrap collection bags can be used in food scrap pickup programs. Recovering food scraps from trash can provide the community health, environmental, and economic benefits.

Ours are eco-friendly because they degrade 100% within 6 months at commercial composting facilities and safe for home composting. They are made of resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications and is comprised of 40-50% plant-based material. They are certified compostable according to the US Standard ASTM D6400 and the European Standard EN 13432. They are NOT recyclable.

...They come in retail packaging.