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11" x 17" x 0.48 mil Green Home-Compostable Plastic Grocery Store Produce Bags (3,200 Bags, 800 Bags/Roll, 4 Rolls/Case)

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SKU: PRD-CC-BB-PB1117|0*48


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Detailed Specifications

Type: Bags

Additional Features:

Uses: Grocery Store Produce Bags


Dimensions: 11" W x 17" L x 0.48 mil

Color: Green

FDA-Approved: Yes

Quantity: 3,200 Bags (800 Bags/Roll, 4 Rolls/Case)

Packaging: Perforated on Roll in Plain Packaging

Eco-Friendly Characteristics

Degradability: Safe for Home Composting Systems and Certified to Degrade in Commercial Composting Facilities

Material: 40-50% Plant Based and Virgin Low Density Polyethylene

Virgin Plastic Substitute: 40-50% Plant-Based Material

Recyclable: No

Made in USA: Yes

Other: n/a

Grocery store produce bags are used to package fruits and vegetables in-store. The bags protect the produce from bacteria that may be present in a shopping cart or reusable shopping bag. You can also use produce bags to store herbs in the fridge. One resuse for a grocery store produce bag is to prevent the herbs from drying out; tie it around the top of the bunch to trap humidity.

Ours are eco-friendly because they degrade 100% within 6 months at commercial composting facilities and safe for home composting. They are made of resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications and is comprised of 40-50% plant-based material. They are certified compostable according to the US Standard ASTM D6400 and the European Standard EN 13432. They are NOT recyclable.