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8" x 3" x 15" x 2 mil Clear Eco-Manufactured Plastic Side-Gusseted Bags (Case of 1,000)

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SKU: GU-CS-2.0-ST-1565


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Detailed Specifications

Type: Bags

Uses: Multipurpose Side-Gusseted Bags


Dimensions: 8" W x 3" D x 15" L x 2 mil

Color: Clear

FDA-Approved: Yes

Quantity: 1,000 Bags

Packaging: Flat-Packed in Plain Packaging

Eco-Friendly Charactristics

Material: Virgin Low Density Polyethylene

Degradability: n/a

Recyclability: LDPE #4

Virgin Plastic Substitute: n/a (100% New Plastic)

Made in USA: Yes

Other: Factories powered by renewable energy