Our recycled poly products are classified as eco-friendly because they are recycled plastic, responsibly shipped, and recyclable.

Recycled Poly Our recycled low-density polyethylene film (LDPE) is from plastic that has been disposed of by consumers (post-consumer/PCR) or manufacturers (post-industrial/PCI) thereby reducing waste in landfills, on land, and in water and reducing the carbon footprint associated with drilling for more oil.

Responsibly Shipped Our recycled poly products are manufactured in the United States and only shipped within North America. Therefore, less mileage is required to deliver our products which results in less air pollution and a reduced carbon footprint.

Recyclable Recycled plastic products can be recycled again along with other LDPE #4 plastics where accepted. If recycled, less natural resources are depleted and less waste ends up in landfills.

Available Products

Stock Items Various sizes of merchandise bags.

Custom Products Post-consumer or post-industrial plastic bags with a variety of options are available. Request a Quote